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  • We care about Mother Nature!


    When it comes to the environment, we care. Here at Pakapalooza, we do our best to limit our footprint on the Earth by taking everyday steps that we feel matter. Whether its reusing shipping packaging, being friendly with the printer, or even going paperless. Our goal is to ensure that we do our part in protecting the planet we live on.

    Here are just some of the steps we are taking to be better for our environment.

    Reusing Packaging for Shipments

    We try to not throw any boxes away as we can find many ways to reuse them. Whether they can be used for the boxes on the outside of shipments or storage. it's better to try to reuse than to just toss away.

    Keeping Printing to a Minimum

    When it comes to printing we prefer online documents, transactions, or recordkeeping versus printing everything we can to just stick it in boxes. Our goal is to be sure we save paper, the electric, the ink, and more importantly the waste.

    Recycling Boxes and Other Materials

    When we cannot find a way to reuse boxes they will ultimately be recycled. Our goal is to limit the amount of trash we produce which in part is helped by the increase in recycling that we do.

    Keeping Power Usage to a Minimum

    When computers, lights, or devices are not in use we take steps to ensure they are turned off or powered down. These practices not only help the environment, but the reduction in costs are passed along to our customers.

    Partnering With Responsible Manufacturers 

    When we partner with a manufacturer to produce our products we ensure they pass several levels of safety and are a responsible neighbor in the community. Our factories are WRAP Certified ensuring the laws are being obeyed by.


      Never refuse to reuse!