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Wanna know more about us? Well read on!

Welcome to Pakapalooza and boy we are glad you stopped by!

I welcome you to one of the most unique and fun places to buy any bag or pack that you can think of. While there are many fashionable bags that anyone can purchase from any well-known brand, there was lacking interest in what I saw as fun or truly unique bags. There is when the idea of Pakapalooza was born.

I wanted to offer unique bags that any women, young, old, or in their teens could use and wear that not only would make a statement but would tell a story. Why would someone just want an ordinary backpack in some plain color when you can wear a bag designed after your favorite pet, animal, idea, or that allows people to catch a glimpse of who you are inside as a person.

Singer Sewing Machine

When you see someone wearing or using a bag that has an adorable pug built into the design, then people know from afar that you love those breeds or that you are passionate about animals. This is the story that you can tell to the world simply by the bag you choose to wear.

My goal is to offer you bags that are unlike any other bags that you might find out there with quality fabrics and functionality that can rival any name brand bag. Plus, do this at a fraction of the cost. When you are looking for an amazingly cute backpack or bag for your son or daughter, we want to help you with that incredible fun purchase.

We also understand that buying a product online and being less than satisfied can also suck and be a nightmare. This is why our goal is to ensure you are happy with your purchase and if there are any defects or issues with our products, our number mission is to make it right for you.

So when you come to Pakapalooza we hope that you find unique, quality bags, that are fun and allow your personality to show through. Thank you for coming by and we hope that we can help you find the next adorable bag for your life adventure.


Be yourself.