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Fanny Packs for Women and the Best Ways to Use Them

October 12, 2019 6 min read

Fanny Packs for Women and the Best Ways to Use Them | Pakapalooza

The ’80s are back and we are so ready for it as fanny packs for women were the talk of the town back in the ’80s. Due to their excellent functionality, fanny packs were famous among tourists specifically no matter where you went.

People loved fanny packs for their convenience along with their practicality as they let them carry a few things without having to worry about carrying a huge bag around. Fanny packs were loved much more for their convenience than for their appearance and stylish looks.

Women's fanny packs in the '90s had reached its peak with many high-end brands and fashion industries incorporating fanny packs into their campaigns and runways. Shortly after that, the fanny pack trend started to recede as they were considered unfashionable by the end of the ’90s as they slowly faded out of society and our lives.

The fanny pack or the ‘’waist bag’’ as we call them now are back in trend. Their sudden resurgence started in 2018 when Gucci, Lois Vuitton, and Prada started to offer their versions of the modern-day fanny pack.

People nowadays have started using fanny packs as a fashion statement but its functionality in the present day can still not be ignored. The girls, as well as the boys, are going crazy over them these days. From going to the concerts to working out in the gym, these fanny packs provide excellent comfort while being aesthetically pleasing and trendy.

Women Holding White Fanny Pack

How to Wear a Fanny Pack

There are many ways you can style a fanny pack. It is not necessary any longer for you to simply wear it around your waist. Let me tell you different ways you could carry a fanny pack for a unique and charming appearance.

Around the waist

Wearing a fanny pack around the waist is the classic way to style it. You can also change its position around the waist for a different look. Wear a fanny pack above the top of the pants for a more eye-catching look.

Keeping the pouch at the front, slightly off the middle of the back just above your hips, is your own choice. You can also keep it to the side of your hip for a more chic look. The fanny pack accessorizes your jeans in such a cute way.

Across the chest

With its recent popularity among men, fanny packs are loved by both men and women and they can style them in different ways. The best way is to sling the fanny pack across your chest for a trendy look that you see a lot of people doing today, where the pouch can be at the front or the back.

While it seems more practical to have the pouch positioned on the front of the body for ease of access as opposed to having it across your back, either way is perfectly fine.

On top of a coat or jacket

This is a slightly risky way to style a fanny pack but looks amazing if you know how to carry it. Wearing a fanny pack around your waist on top of a coat or a jacket allows it to act as a belt, defining the outline of your body for a more attractive look.

Using a fanny pack as a belt to help define the hips can not only be used on top of a piece of outerwear, but it could also look great on a nice sweater or blouse.

Under a jacket

Wearing a fanny pack across your chest on top of your shirt and pairing it up with a jacket on top is a great option for men. This looks extremely trendy and is best for a night out to a concert for example as your goal is to really make a fashion statement while still being very practical.

Wearing it under a jacket could also be a great choice when traveling or on vacation as the additional pockets are great to have.

Fanny Packs for Women in Gym

Where to Use a Fanny Pack

A fanny pack other than being a fashion accessory is more famous for its functionality and practicality. It can hold all the things you need without taking much space.

The plus point of a fanny pack is that it looks smart while being a convenient piece of accessory. There are many ways you can rock cute fanny packs or simply use them in your everyday life.


Hiking can be very tiresome and it requires you to sometimes do hours of walking and trekking on typically uneven ground. You also have to carry a lot of stuff with you like a water bottle, hand sanitizer, tissue paper, band-aids, snacks, and more.

A fanny pack helps you to carry the things you might need while being petite and convenient. It will not tire you out like some other bags that are typically large and heavy to carry around  It is a really convenient, and smart choice, for you while taking your next adventure.


You can definitely not carry your phone, wallet and a water bottle while working out in the gym or just running for some exercise. Fanny packs are here to save the day!

You can wear the fanny pack on top of your gym athleisure and put your phone, wallet and a small water bottle in it for your comfort. Everything will be in your reach, and secured together, making your workout routine a lot easier to get done.

Concerts and Events

It is better to carry a fanny pack to a Coachella concert or an overcrowded event instead of a big bag that will make you look outdated. Plus, you want to be as carefree as possible, and nearly handsfree while attending your next concert or event.

You will have a lot of items to keep track of such as any credit cards, identification, tickets, cell phone, keys, and more. Trying to carry a big handbag for your stuff or just stuffing your pocket with the things you need would be impractical. 

Just imagine the disaster it would be to lose of these things as you would most likely never find them again, therefore, having a fanny pack secured to your waist just makes sense.

Amusement parks

It is not really the best choice to put your theme park essentials like a camera, cell phones, wallets or tickets into your pockets or a large bag especially when you have to go to a theme park. There is a huge risk of losing your things while riding rides or going on rollercoasters.

Carrying a big bag all day long is quite impractical as it can tire you out during your fun outing. Many rides also allow only fanny packs with you. Therefore, it is always smart to wear a fanny pack to the park that carries all your theme park needs while sitting comfortably on your waist or shoulder.

Walking the Dog

You would never know how convenient they can be especially when walking your favorite pooch. When you go out to take that stroll with your dog you often have items either in your hand our stuffed in your pockets. It's so much easier when you simply wear a fanny pack when walking your dog.

You can keep any poop bags that you might need, dog treats, hand sanitizer, and a lot more. Having all of this carried inside your waist bag is a dream come true. Once you try it, you will never go back.

For moms

Being a mom comes with a lot of responsibilities and of course a lot of baby stuff. New moms have to carry around huge diaper bags with all the baby essentials stuff in them.

However, new moms can ditch diaper bags now for something much more petite and convenient - a fanny pack! A fanny pack makes sure you stay handsfree all day long if you are traveling or simply making a small run to the store.

You do not have to worry about a heavy bag while feeding or attending to your baby. Cute fanny packs will carry a lot of your mom essentials and give you some much-needed comfort.

Hippie Girl with Flower

Accessorize Your Fanny Pack

There are many DIY ways to make cute fanny packs look more attractive and really turn the fun level up another notch. It simply all depends on your level of creativity and your personality.

Here are some of the ways you can easily accessorize your fanny pack to enhance their beauty, fun, and show a little of who you are on the inside.

  • Add enamel pins, buttons or floral brooches to your fanny pack to make them look more interesting
  • Create a bow or a flower of silk or any other fabric and sew it to your fanny pack to create a more feminine look
  • Add some patches that you can sew on based on your tastes and needs. These patches come in various colors and designs like stars, hearts, cute little animals, flowers and many more
  • Tie on a small scarf to the belt if you have a nude or beige-colored boring fanny pack for a bright pop of color

“Fanny packs are back and they don't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, so make your life easier by adding one to your collection.”

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