Come check out our Rewards Program!

Rewards Program

We love our customers and we also love providing a rewards program that really makes our customers excited. Our rewards program is designed to give you points, or otherwise known as Pak Points, not only on your purchases but on other fun things as well.

You can earn rewards by simply liking our Facebook page for example, or even when you refer a friend or family member to shop here. Our goal is to give back to the customers that make us who we are as we certainly appreciate you!

How to Join the Program

To simply join our rewards program to start earning points today, you simply have to create an account and sit back. As you make purchases or earn points they will automatically accrue.

How to Earn Points

To earn points just visit the "Rewards" link and complete any of the items listed.

  • Share on Facebook - 50 pts
  • Follow on Twitter - 50 pts
  • Follow on Instagram - 50 pts
  • Like on Facebook - 50 pts
  • Place an order - 2 pts per $1 spent

Ways to Spend Points

  • 25% off coupon - 1000 pts
  • Free shipping - 500 pts
  • Order discount - 100 pts = $1


You can earn rewards by simply giving your friends and family a little something. When you use our referral program you will have the option to give the people you love a $5 off coupon, and when they make a purchase with that coupon, you will earn a $10 reward! How sweet is that? 

How to Check Your Points

To check how many points or rewards you have simply login to your account and open our rewards program link which is found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. This will display your points and your rewards.

We love our customers and we love to give back to the people who make us who we are!