Trendy Fanny Packs Making Waves at Concerts and Coachella

Trendy Waist Bags

Fanny packs are back in fashion as many us know and they are back under a few new names. Today's trendy waist bags, belt bags, bum bags, or what many of us know as fanny packs, are the latest in what could be called resurgence fashion.

They really began to catch on again back in early 2018 and they sure appear to not be going away any time soon. In fact, they are considered a near staple when attending Coachella or honestly any other outdoor event.

While many of us remember the days of fanny packs and how they simply were not something that was seen as cool or fashionable. Today's trendy women's fanny packs are much different.

There are styles available today for nearly everyone, and unlike the bags of the past, these are designed first with fashion in mind with functionality as a bonus. When we wore the old-style fanny packs years ago we simply wore them for a purpose. We had to carry something important, or we simply needed to keep our hands free as much as possible. Nowadays, you wear them to make a statement.

Teen Vogue, along with countless others, was just one of many places that recommended carrying a fanny pack when attending an event like Coachella. It's the perfect bag to keep all your important necessities close by while also getting to flaunt some of your personality. Plus remember, you don't have to just wear it around your waist like the old days, you can wear waist bags across your body, or even over your shoulder.

If you have some concerts or events planned for this summer, you are best off grabbing yourself a trendy waist bag to make your life that much easier. No need to haul a heavy backpack or to try to stuff your pockets full of things that you can easily lose. Hey, people all over Coachella had one this year, and you should too.

“You're going to have to have a place to put your belongings but keep your hands free so I prefer finding a cute fanny pack.”

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