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Wearing a Fanny Pack for Dog Walking Just Makes Sense

February 16, 2021 2 min read

Fanny Pack for Dog Walking | Pakapalooza

The warm weather is slowly approaching and everyone is charging back outside to walk the dog more than ever. While many of us simply love the time we get to spend with our favorite animal, many of us head out of the house sometimes carrying more than we should or maybe need.

This is where wearing a fanny pack for dog walking really comes in handy, more than what most people tend to believe.

Often when we walk our dogs there are several items that we tend to bring along. We find ourselves carrying several poop bags, different-sized leashes, dog treats, and even some hand sanitizer for when we find ourselves in unpredictable moments.

Instead of just packing these items into your pockets or your expensive purse carry them with a women's fanny pack.

Here are some of the more important items to pack inside your waist pack for that daily walk. While you may not need these all, this is a good start to know what you might need when you take your next walk.

Dog Walking Essentials

  1. Poop Bags
  2. Dog Treats
  3. Spare Leash
  4. Hand Sanitizer
  5. Wipes
  6. Dog Toy
  7. Water
  8. Collapsible Dog Bowl
  9. First Aid Kit
  10. Headlamp
  11. Money
  12. Cell Phone

Fanny packs are great bags for just bringing a few of the necessities. They can easily be secured around your waist, carried over your shoulder, or even worn across the body. You no longer have to have poop bags hanging out of your back pocket with a front pocket full of dog treats.

Simply load up your fanny pack and you are ready to hit the sidewalk.

There are also many fanny packs that will have several pockets which only makes your life that much easier. For instance, you can use one pocket for poop bags, one for dog treats, and maybe another pocket for some hand sanitizer.

You can create your own personal dog walking bag that caters to the exact needs of you and your dog.

So the next time you find yourself ready to hit the streets with your pooch, just ask yourself, Would it be easier to simply use a cute fanny pack for this?

Chances are if you don't have something already that you are using for your walks, that you might agree that it would be so much easier with a fanny pack.


Why carry everything you need for walking your dog stuffed in your pockets or in each hand when a fanny pack is just perfect?

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