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9 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women Using Crossbody Bags

October 08, 2019 5 min read

9 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women Using Crossbody Bags | Pakapalooza

Have you been searching the Internet for some Halloween costume ideas and you found yourself stuck? You have been all over the web looking for ideas and have been watching countless YouTube videos and you still can't quite find something that you love. We have all been there!

Halloween for many of is so much fun. We have parties that we are either attending or planning, our children are packed full of excitement, and the adorable trick or treaters that come to our door that put smiles on our faces.

However, this can also be a fairly stressful time of the year as well, especially when you can't quite find that costume that screams, Oh yeah!. As the October days tick by and as the 31st gets nearer and nearer, our fear for not being able to find that perfect costume continues to increase.

Well, here are a few Halloween costume ideas that work great with our women's crossbody bags that are not only super cute, but are also a lot of fun.

1. Bride of Frankenstein

Here is one heck of a costume idea that is not only classic but you don't have to worry about wearing a mask or having so much makeup on that it just drowns out your whole night. This is a super easy costume where you just need the wig, the dress, cute jewelry, and some eye makeup.

Now here is what will really turn this costume up a notch, add the Frankenstein Crossbody Bag and you will certainly be ready to turn heads! Adding this bag would be perfect for carrying all of your stuff that you need while ensuring your costume is unique.

Bride of Frankenstein - Halloween Costume Ideas

2. Mad Scientist

This costume idea is one that takes some brains, I mean literally. The mad scientist costume while being quite simple requires very little makeup and of course, there is no mask, which we know can drive us all crazy at times. This outfit consists of wearing the white lab coat, the long black gloves, and yes, the goggles!

Now here is what will really set this apart from everyone else, rock the Brain Jar Crossbody Bag with this costume. This is the finishing touch that not only adds to the costume, but you can put away that plain old purse for another day.

Mad Scientist - Halloween Costume Ideas

3. Jack O' Lantern

Now if you are looking for something that is a bit sexier then this might be the perfect costume for you. The Jack O' Lantern costume comes with an off-shoulder dress that will allow you to show some of that skin, and then simply add some black leggings and some gloves if you feel feisty.

The only thing left is what to carry your phone, wallet, money, and other valuables in? Got it! The Jack-O'-Lantern Crossbody Bag. Talk about a match made in the pumpkin patch, this accessory is simply the perfect bag for this outfit.

Jack O' Lantern - Halloween Costume Ideas

4. Witchy Witch

Are you one of those people that might want to show more of your eviler side of things? Well, guess what! Nothing really says that more than a classic witch costume.

This witchy witch costume comes with almost everything you need to cast spells on anyone that you might not like or maybe even on your husband. It comes with the dress, the pointed hat, and belt.

Hmmm, what would be a good crossbody bag for this outfit? Nailed it, the Scaredy Cat Crossbody Bag. Not only do the colors go together, but it's absolutely perfect for this costume.

Witchy Witch - Halloween Costume Ideas

5. Sexy Bat

Here is one idea if you really want to show some skin out at your next Halloween party, or simply want a sexier type of costume. This bat outfit comes with everything you need. This costume comes with the dress, the bat wings, a neckpiece, and even a headband.

The only thing left really to take this to the next level would be leggings, shoes, and of course, a great bag to wear with your outfit. The Bat Crossbody Bag is just the one that you need to make sure nobody else has the same look as you.

Sexy Bat- Halloween Costume Ideas

6. Witch Doctor

If you like to conjure up the spirits or use a little voodoo magic to get what you want, well then the witch doctor costume is just the idea. This intimidating outfit comes with the skeleton poncho and you just need to get yourself some stockings, a wig, accessories and you are set!

Well, maybe not. You may ask why, but it's because you don't want to bring your regular purse with you! The Voodoo Doll Crossbody Bag is just the magic you need with a costume like this to have everyone running scared.

Witch Doctor - Halloween Costume Ideas

7. Skeleton Babe

This idea is not only pretty simple at the core, but it can be as easy or complex as you would like it to be. The skeleton babe costume features a jumpsuit and gloves, and that is pretty much it.

Now, if you want to take it up a notch you can always do the face paint or simply go without. It is entirely up to you because, at this point, it's essentially done.

There is one accessory that would work great with this type of outfit which would be the Skeleton Girl Crossbody Bag. This crossbody bag will go great with the costume and have enough room to carry the essentials.

Skeleton Babe - Halloween Costume Ideas

8. Black Widow Spider

Do you hate spiders? Well me too! So why not be one for Halloween and then creep everyone else out. This particular costume comes with the works.

It features the dress, the hood for your head, and even the creepy spider legs so you can wrap everyone up at the party. Just grab some leggings and some high boots and you ready to hit the town.

The Spider Web Crossbody Bag is just what you need as the final accessory to this really creepy-crawly outfit that is large enough for your phone and anything else you might need.

Black Widow Spider - Halloween Costume Ideas

9. Senorita Sugar Skull

Here is one costume that will make you look, Muy Bonita! This sugar skull costume while very sexy is also very easy and it comes with almost everything that you need.

This is costume comes with a mask, the dress, and the shawl to drape over your shoulders. The only thing that you would need are some nice shoes to accent this outfit, and a great bag to wear around, which is where the Sugar Skull Pumpkin Crossbody Bag comes into play.

This bag will 100% have enough room for everything that you need and it makes the perfect accessory.

Senorita Sugar Skull - Halloween Costume Ideas

So what have you decided to go as for Halloween this year? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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