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7 Types of Women's Bags That Will Make Life Easier

January 26, 2021 6 min read

7 Types of Women's Bags That Will Make Life Easier | Pakapalooza

Picking up a bag and accessories that match it!- isn’t as easy as we wish it was, especially not with the sheer amount of options to choose from! There are so many types of women's bags to choose from with what seems to be endless styles.

From cute school backpacks to fanny packs, tote bags, wristlets, and everything in between, there’s a world of possibilities out there.

Are you into cute animal themed messenger bags? Or are you the kind of girl to gush over a unique backpack? What about students needing to carry their books around all day long? Wouldn’t a crossbody bag be the best option, then?

You already know your bag is an intricate part of both your style and your life! Your choice will come down to a combination of both your needs and your fashion sense. So let’s review the different types of women's bags out there to help you pick the right fit just for you!

Work and School Bags For Getting Stuff Done

Work and School Bags

You are constantly on the go, hurrying to get to your next class or rushing to work. You love those tiny, adorable purses, but they are just not practical! You’re not going to sacrifice your style just because you need a larger option, right?

Backpacks and messenger packs might just be the right fit for you. Perfect for school, college, and work, they are ideal for anyone who enjoys practicality along with design. They have plenty of space for all of your books or items that you need with you while also being fun to wear.

1. Backpacks

Animal lovers will fall for this Boston terrier mini backpack. It’s comfortable, ample enough to fit all your essentials and it even includes a laptop sleeve inside, so you’ll never have to worry about leaving stuff behind while on the go. It may be small, but it has plenty of pockets both inside and out to help you with all of your necessities.

This pink glitter mini backpack is perfect for girls who’d rather avoid the plain old designs and prefer a unique, chic pattern. You’ll never blend into a crowd with this girl glitter backpack! This stunning backpack is made with a glittery fabric that shines and pops in the light.

And lastly, but not least, if you have a goofy personality and just want to show it off, an alien head backpack would be the ideal option for girls with a penchant for fun, original designs. Don’t settle for those plain, one-colored school bags when you can rock yourself an awesome novelty backpack.

2. Messenger bags

Make a statement with this gorgeous urban fashion icon. Messenger bags by nature are made to carry a lot so they make a great bag for work or school. Can I ask you a question? Do you love sloths? If so, this canvas sloth messenger bag is your ticket to sloth heaven. Tough canvas material, reinforced stitching where it matters, and rugged adjustable straps. 

This alien messenger bag will put on display on both your nerdy and star gazing side! Its unique design is sure to have your style come across in any crowd and classroom. Plus, let’s face it…aliens and UFO's are here already, right?

Everyday Bags That Are Simple

White Fanny Pack

When you are running daily errands, walking your family dog, or heading out for the day, then it might not be practical to carry around a backpack. You need something that is a bit more functional which is why you need to reach for your simple everyday bag.

Whether it's a fanny pack, a comfortable shoulder bag, or the super functional tote bag, any of those options will work wonders for you!

3. Fanny Packs

A comfortable, retro, and stylish option that’ll fit your essentials and match your outfit at the same time.

What’s great about the fanny pack is how creative you can get when choosing its design. Everything from animal patterns to sequins will work. They are meant to be kitsch in the best way possible, after all. You can wear them around your waist, across your chest, or as shoulder bags, for convenient and quick access to its contents while on the go!

A cute waist pack while strolling around the dog park to show you’re both an animal lover and a romantic at heart than this adorable and unique pug fanny pack? Such a great bag for carrying any little treats, waste bags, or that much-needed hand sanitizer at times.

If you are into sequins, any of these cute fanny packs are the perfect fit for you. Just match them up with a cute outfit and get going!

4. Shoulder Bags

If you're in a hurry and find yourself rushing out of the house, just reach for that shoulder bag. You will never quite go wrong!  These carryall bags sit comfortably over your shoulder, are lightweight when compared to other options, and feature several pockets.

When you combine the functionality of these women's bags with their cute designs, you truly have a winner. For example, if you love cats then our kitten paws shoulder bag is just perfect for any cat mom out there!

If by chance you desire something a bit more magical, then nothing works better than some unicorns. Our unicorn shoulder bag comes in a nice black fabric with a beautiful all-over print that looks amazing. Do you believe in magic?

5. Tote Bags

I feel like everyone today is using a tote bag in one form another, and I don't foresee these going away any time soon. One look around at your local supermarket, CVS, or even Target, and you can spot them left and right. Designed to hold more than your average bag, tote bags are easy to carry and are useful in so many ways!

This denim skirt tote bag is not only your typical tote, but it can also be worn like a backpack, and over your shoulder. Yup, you heard that right. This multifunction bag comes with several straps and can be carried in three different ways. Talk about convenience!

Small Traveling Bags That Are Comfortable

Small Crossbody Bag

Sometimes you just want to look your best while going out with your friends, while on a date, or just hanging out around town. Why travel with a bulky handbag with you when you just need to take a few essentials along? Yeah, we know, it doesn't make much sense.

When you need just a few things and you are not traveling far, reach for that lightweight wristlet or that crossbody bag that you can just sling across your body.

6. Wristlets

There’s no need to take a wallet in your purse when you can combine the two of them together in the same, perfectly stylish, package. If you agree, then wristlet purses may be the right fit for you as they are lightweight, versatile, and super convenient.

There is one animal that has captured the hearts of people all over the world, which are sloths! This sloth mini wristlet is such a great mini purse to carry your keys, some cash, lip gloss, or that identification that we need at times. Aren't sloths just the best?

Here is a trick question for you, do you love or hate tacos? I have yet to find anyone that can truly say that they hate tacos. This taco wristlet not only looks really delicious, and makes me hungry just looking at it, but it's such an adorable bag!

7. Crossbody bags

Let's face the music here, crossbody bags are one of the most popular women's bags out there today, and there are some pretty good reasons why. The first being they are lighter than your standard handbag, they can be securely worn across your body freeing up your hands, and they can hold a pretty good amount of items.

It’s small, it’s smart, and it’s adorable. Sure, dogs are man’s best friends, but why can’t guinea pigs be girl’s BFF? This cute fella will help you always be in style while never forgetting about comfort and practicality.

Feliz Día de los Muertos! This simple and functional skeleton crossbody bag is sure to match both your personality and style effortlessly. Its cute design and small size make it the perfect pick for just about any occasion, especially Halloween. Trick or treat?

With so many options out there to choose from, picking out the right fit for you can be a hassle, so we’ll make it easier for you! Just check out this guide to choosing and wearing your best crossbody bag to help get you started!

Accessorize and Flaunt It

Shark Wristlet

While there are so many types of women's bags to choose from, these are just seven options that we feel most people tend to reach for. The next time you are out shopping for your next cute accessory, just think, do you want something that turns heads or that just blends in with the noise?

You can easily pick up that Gucci, Michael Kors, or Prada bag, but why not have some fun! The best part about having a truly fun and unique bag is the reactions you will get when you are out and about. Have some fun, and just be yourself!

What is your favorite type of women's bag and why do you love it? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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