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11 Reasons Cute Crossbody Bags Are Great for Kids

February 09, 2020 6 min read

11 Reasons Cute Crossbody Bags Are Great for Girls | Pakapalooza

What is so special about shoulder or cute crossbody bags that make young girls love them? Well, honestly, come to find out there are actually a lot of reasons why and we are about to explore just a few of those. When it comes to shoulder bags they aren't just for adults, especially when they are designed first and foremost with fun in mind.

Bags designed in the shape of a cute animal or even a mystical unicorn become much more than just an accessory for grown-ups. When they come with an adjustable strap, made from high-quality durable fabric, and sit at a great price, these become the perfect item or gift for any young girl who is looking for their own little purse of their own.

Today we'll jump into 11 reasons why crossbody bags are simply the perfect accessory for any girl. Let's get started!

1. Perfect for carrying that favorite toy

Young Girl Playing With Frozen Dolls

Most kids enjoy carrying around their toys as it provides them with a lot of security along with the opportunity to squash any boredom that might happen. They can use a crossbody bag to bring their favorite toy, plush animal, or doll, anywhere they are going. It doesn't matter if they are running errands with mom, out at a restaurant, or even at the park, where they go their favorite toy can come along.

Kids love to bring toys everywhere they go, so having them pack toys in a little crossbody bag is just easy and convenient!

2. They Are Loads Of Fun

Girl Having Fun as Unicorn

Let's face it, crossbody bags are not just ordinary accessories as they can be designed to be a lot of fun. When you think of your typical adult bag they are the standard shape, size, and usually fall into a color that sells the most at the store. However, these accessories can be much more than just that. You can find crossbody bags that are in the shape of your kid's favorite pet or even that imaginary character that they have grown to love. Who doesn't love unicorns?

Because they can be lots of fun, especially for kids, this is what makes them such great gifts. They can be the perfect little accessory for that little princess in your life.

3. They Are Very Colorful

Bright Colorful Flowers

We all know that kids simply love colors. They enjoy coloring in their coloring books, drawing pictures that you will or have at some point hung on your refrigerator, or even painting the perfect nature scene. If they are looking for their first little bag or purse to carry around this is why the perfect crossbody bag is the answer.

They come in plenty of colors as no young girl wants some bag that is dull and drab that they simply cannot connect with. Why reach for the boring black crossbody bag when you can find that accessory for them that just screams and pops color that they can relate with.

Save those boring colors for when they are all grown up and they're looking to make that fashion statement or trying to fit into the trend. Let kids be kids, right?

4. They Are So Cute

Cute Sleeping Puppy

Crossbody bags are downright cute and they will become the topic of conversation wherever they go or even when they play outside with their friends. When a child is carrying their favorite bag around in the neighborhood or even when out shopping with their parents, people will be amazed at how adorable their bag is.

Friends and family will comment on how much they love their bag, and we all know, kids absolutely love being the center of attention, and this is a great way to do that. They will feel so good about themselves!

Here is a hint as well. If an only child is expected to have a new sibling in the near future, that child will be having to share the attention, which can be very challenging for her as they often feel left out or unimportant.

This is a perfect opportunity to give that child a crossbody bag that she will be doted on by others commenting on how cool or adorable that accessory is. This added attention can be great for helping them feel good and not they are being left out or overlooked.

5. They Are Spacious

Spacious Highway Road

While crossbody or shoulder bags are not overly large they can carry a lot of items, especially for a child or a young girl. You would be surprised by how much these bags can actually hold. Kids love these bags as they can carry any money they have earned from doing chores or getting that allowance, hair accessories, crayons, toys, dolls, or anything else they adore.

Plus a lot of these bags have additional interior pockets and some even have an easy-access exterior pocket for any item they need to reach for over and over again. If you can imagine the number of items that an adult can fit into these bags just imagine what a child can fit, just ponder that!

6. They Are Easy To Carry

Carrying Leaf on Beach

One of the best things about crossbody bags and why young girls or kids love them is they are effortless to carry. Unlike the typical purse that you bring everywhere with you, these are small, don't weigh very much, and can be handled quite easily. The normal size for an accessory like this just makes it great for adults or young girls.

The shoulder straps are adjustable so they can be worn by nearly anyone from young to old, making them very comfortable. Plus, the straps are removable if for any reason the child wants to treat the accessory more like a wallet, for example, letting their imagination run wild.

7. These Bags Will Last A Long Time

Forever Scrabble Word

You never have to worry about crossbody bags deteriorating right away as you might see with some other accessories that are out there. A lot of crossbody bags are made from high-quality vinyl material or fabric that is quite sturdy where they can stand up to the harshest punishment that a child might inflict on it.

Whether the bag is occasionally being thrown around, dragged on the ground, or even walked all over, vinyl should stand the test of time. Part of the thrill of getting your child one of these bags is knowing that they will enjoy it for a long time, and get a lot of use out of it.

8. These Bags Stay Clean

Soap Bubbles

Another good thing about a crossbody bag made from high-quality vinyl material is that it's very easy to clean and keep clean. Let's be honest, kids are walking messes, and having the ability to keep it clean is not an understatement. If it's dirty, all you need to do is give it one good wipe with a damp towel, or even a damp paper towel, and it's as good as new.

You should never have to worry about the bag being ruined by a stain or some other soiling as the typical vinyl fabric is very resilient, durable, and a breeze to clean. Perfect for your little one!

9. Everything Stays In The Bag Securely

Red and Blue Zippers

The one thing that parents are often concerned about when it comes to their kids' bags is how securely they close up because losing stuff just plain sucks. There is nothing worse than a young child being upset when they cannot find that little toy they brought to a relative's house, or dropping something by accident that they simply adored. This is why having a bag that can be zipped up and secured is even more important.

Both kids and parents love crossbody bags because they help to prevent that potential disaster of losing something.

10. Perfect for Special Occasions

Birthday Party Occasion

When it's time for that holiday party, family get-together, or for something as simple as going to the zoo, a crossbody bag would be an adorable item to coordinate with that event. For example, if your child is going to the zoo for the day with family or friends, then a bag designed after a zoo animal would be amazingly cute.

This is such a great item to coordinate with a number of events that any young girl would love. School trips, day trips, holidays, family events, you name it. There really is a bag that would go great with any occasion that you can think of.

11. They Can Create A Fun Collection

Doll Collection

Since there are so many cute crossbody bag designs that a child might love, it can become a fun collection for them. Each bag in their collection tells a story of who they are and what they love. If they have a few pets or several types of dogs for example, then they could collect the bags that resemble those animals. But it doesn't have to just stop there.

There are bags that are designed after animals, mystical unicorns, butterflies, ladybugs, and much more. These bags can coordinate with the different seasons of the year, holidays, or their latest passions.

What do you personally love about crossbody bags? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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